Health Department

Departments of Health and Family Welfare

The Department is headed by the District Health Family Welfare Officer. Health Family Welfare Services assisted by 9 Programme officers at the District Level. Seven Taluk Health Officers working in the Taluk Head Quarters. Services rendered by various health institution. Situated in the length and breadth of the district, which are shown as below :‐

District General Hospital 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Taluk Health Office 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7
Taluk General Hospital 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
C.H.C.’s 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 5
P.H.C.’s 17 24 16 4 9 2 16 88
S.C.’s 60 85 62 27 45 16 71 366
ASHA’s 138 213 154 63 66 21 67 722
AYUSH 7 2 T.Hospital 21 G.A.D. 1 T. Hospital 7 G.A.D. 1 G.A.D. 2 G.A.D. 2 G.A.D. 1 T. Hospital 3 G.A.D. 4 T. Hospital 36 G.A.D.

In order to Catch to the needs of Rural population CHC’s PHC’s Ayush Hospitals are situated in the remote villages. Every village and household in the district is getting door to door service by both female and Male Health Workers and BHEO’s who render Health Education and Preventive and curative services. All CHC’s and PHC’s are maintained by qualified Doctors who render out patients services on a daily basis and render in patient facilities including institutional delivery services to the needy.

National AIDS Control Program, Chikmagalur District

A National program on Prevention control of HIV/AIDS is implemented from many years with different strategies. A clear vertical program was started from 14th Aug 2002. Counselling testing centers were established in the District hospitals, slowly the numbers of centers were increased at present 66 Counselling Testing centers were functioning in the district. Treatment for the HIV infected people is also provided at the district hospital from 2008. Treatment for the Sexually Transmitted Infections is also made available at PHC level through Syndromic Case Management system. Increased Promoted Voluntary Blood donation to avoid the risk of HIV transmission from transfusing safe blood. The educative, preventive curative programs for the vulnerable groups like Female sex workers Men sex with men is also functioning by providing grants to the NGOs/CBOs. The People Living with HIV AIDSs are linked to many Social entitlement schemes with the coordination of other departments. With all these efforts we find there is decline in the stigma discrimination attached with this disease.

National Blindness Control Programme [NBCP]

Under this programme every year month of January July giving Vitamin ‘A’  solution, Under the age group of 9 months to 60 months children for Contolling of the Night Blindness. Under this programme Catract operations to the aged persons freeluy operated and insert the I.O.L. after cateract operation given them to spects all services given by the department fully free.

District Health Family Welfare Officer, Chikkamagaluru