Animal Husbandry

Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services

The livestock and Poultry play a major role in the improvement of state’s rural economy. The extensive research, using latest technologies, exotic breeds sperm availability farmers increased interest in this field. More funds been released by central and State Governments, pressuring the rare. Local breeds providing high-grade health services to the Cattle, providing high quality food, are the factors, which has led to increased production pf milk, meat, eggs and wool. Health case, livestock development Cattle improvement programmes are the three primary duties of the Veterinary Department. The Cattle being the backbone of the rural people. The animal Husbandry Department is providing all the needed support and facilities to the Cattle owners through the Institutions.

Veterinary Services

There are a total of 145 Veterinary Institutions through which free Veterinary Services is being provided.  In some particular institutions during emergence in featienl services is also been provided.  Operations are carried out by specialized and experienced Veterinary Doctors.  The medicines are supplied by Director’s Officer of Veterinary Department and also purchased by the allotment given by Chikamagalur Zilla Panchayath which are then provided free of cost to the cattle owner’s by the Veterinary Department personnel. The IAH VBIURI provides Vaccines for the Institution in our District drug cost except for Foot Mouth disease and rabies vaccine, which are charged normally.

Cattle Breeding Development

The state semen chilling Center, which comes under the Department of Animal Husbandry, provides the necessary semen straws, which are used to breed cows, she buffaloes in heat.  There semen straws are charged Rs.5/- per straw as per Government Order.

Sheep And Wool Development

The Veterinary Institutions provide the developing medicine and Vaccinations to the Sheep and Goats of the District.

Poultary Development

Under this scheme day old Giriraja chicks are brought from Regional Poultry Extension unit located at Malavalli.  There are then reared for 7 weeks ar Poultry Unit located at Amrutha Mahal farm in Ajjampura.  The reared birds are the distributed within Districts Shree Shakthi Organization charging Rs.40/- per bird.  The Shree Shakthi group is selected on the level of recommendations made by child Development Officer(CDPO) of that particular taluk & that is sent to Assistant Director of that taluk.

Fooder Development Programme

In this programme when there is failure of rains, under brought relief programme fodder banks are extahlished to see that there is no seasily of fodder for cattle.  And wherever there is arragation facility for farmers the Department provides a minikit of fodder needs at free of cost to encourage the farmers to frow fodder for cattle.

Animal Husbandry Extention Activity

In every Taluk there will be an extension officer post to carry out the activities. Training will be fiven to self-help groups about cattle development and also about nutrition for cattle.  Also the Department activities are discussed in gram sabhas. In case  of the disease suttreat pamplets are distributed to the farmers containing information about management of diseased animals and also the preventive meavares to be taken.  In taluk level hospitals there are audio visual equipments using which quite often these shows are conducted about the recent developments & technologies about livestock development which helps the formers to gain more information.

Animal Husbandry Products Census

(Model Census Programme)

This programme is sponsored by Central Government.  The census is carried out on major livestock products like milk, eggs wool and meat.  Also the farmers are made aware of the raring of animals, which in the main intension are model Census and are carried out since 1976-77. The livestock products play a major role in maintaining nuitrition  status of our population.  Also this programme mainly shows the economical status of the farmers.

Socio Economical Programmes

  • Tribal suplan

Under this Programme the schedule tribe beneficiaries are selected in gram sabhas. The selected beneficiaries caste certificate Photo and ration card is to given to the taluk Assistant Director. Under this scheme buffaloes are given to beneficiaries.  The unit cost is Rs.14,000/- out of this the sulucialy amount given from the Government is Rs.10,000/-.  The loan amount of Rs.4000/- can he given by bank on the beneficiary himself.  Then beneficiarier will be given two upgraded she buffaloes covered with insurance.

Special Component Plan

Under this programme beneficiaries belonging to schedule caste are selected in grama Sabha.  The selected beneficiaries will have to produce caste certificate passport size photo and ration card copy and residential certificate.  There are 2 units in this programme .

  • Cow unit
  • Buffalo unit

Chikamagalur, Kadur, Tarikere taluks  have cow units and Mudigere, Koppa, Sringeri and N.R.Pura have Buffalo units.Cost for buffalo unit is Rs.19600/- out of this the subsidy amount given from the Government is Rs.10000/- and the remaining amount of Rs.9600/- will be the loan amount provided by bank on the beneficiary himself can pay this amount from this amount beneficiary will be given two upgrade she buffaloes covered with insurance.Unit cost of cow unit is Rs.22000/- of this the subsidy amount from the Government is Rs.13200/- and the remaining Rs.8800/- will be the loan amount provided by the bank on the beneficiary himself can pay the amount from this amount beneficiary will be given two cross breed cowes covered with insurance.

Upgrade Ram And Pig Providing Programme

Under this program beneficiaries belonging it backward community and minorities are selected in Grama sabha.  Then they have to provide the certificate that they belong to the backward community on minorities.  Upgraded rams supply is limited to Chikamagalur, Kadur, and Tarikere taluk upgraded rams in given to beneficiaries who already have sheep of local breed so that can use this for breeding his sheep & get better breeds to improve his herd.Upgraded pig supply is limited to Mudigere, Sringeri, Koppa and N.R.Pura taluks.  This upgraded loans(male Pig) is given to beneficiary who is already having pigs of local breed which he can use for breeding his pigs and get better breed to improve his herd.  The beneficiaries selected for S.C.P.T.S.P and ram/Pig supply by Taluk Panchayath unit have to provide the following documents.]

  • Caste Certificate
  • Certificate that he is not defaulter in bank
  • Passport size Photo
  • Ration card copy or Residential Certificate
  • Income Certificate

Infertility Camps

Animals become infertile sometimes due to the following reasons:- lack of nututions deformed genitalia & hormonal imbalance.  There infertile animals may prove to the an economical has to the owners.  To overcome such infertility problems, camps are arranged where in such animals are tested by experienced Doctors and treated specifically to make them conceive in future and become production cows.

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