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Disaster Management Plan in Chikmagalur District

Chikkamagaluru District Disaster Management Plan Objectives of DDMP As per Section 31 of Disaster Management Act 2005 (DM Act), makes

It mandatory to have a disaster management plan for every district

DDMP shall include Hazard Vulnerability Capacity and Risk Assessment (HVCRA), prevention, mitigation, preparedness measures, response plan and procedures.

To define and assign the different tasks and responsibilities to stakeholders during the pre-disaster and post-disaster phases of the disaster.

To enhance disaster resilience of the people in the district by way of capacity building. Reduce the loss of public and private property, especially critical facilities and infrastructure, through proper planning.

Manage future development to mitigate the effect of natural hazards in the district.

To set up an Emergency Operations Centre at the District level to function effectively in search, rescue, response.

To develop the standardized mechanism to respond to disaster situation to manage the disaster efficiently.

To set up an early warning system so as to prepare the community to deal with the disaster and responsive communication system based upon fail-proof proven technology.

To prepare a response plan based upon the guidelines issued in the State Disaster Management Plan so as to provide prompt relief, rescue and search support in the disaster affected areas.

To adopt disaster resilient construction mechanism in the district by way of using Information, Education and Communication for making the community aware of the need of disaster resilient future development.

To make the use of media in disaster management. Rehabilitation plan of the affected people and reconstruction measures to be taken by different govt. departments at district level and local authority.

The District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) is the guide for achieving the objective i.e. mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. This Plan needs to be prepared to respond to disasters with sense of urgency in a planned way to minimize human, property and environmental loss

To develop convergence of action in addressing, preventing and mitigating disasters and to equip with maximum possible relief measures and to resort to pre-disaster, during and post disaster steps.

To assist the line depts., Block administration, community in developing coping skills for disaster management Chikkamagalur

To impart training and to create awareness, rehearsals, dissemination of knowledge, information’s, rescue measures etc among all the citizens living in the district.

To identify the occurrence and nature of disasters by analyzing the periodicity, intensity and extent of damages.

To ensure fail proof communication and supply of manpower, materials, machinery, goods and other inputs and activate the same within the shortest possible time backed by minimum simple procedures, orders etc at different levels by making optimal utilization of the available resources without any gaps, duplications or overlapping.

A Scope Of The Chikkamagaluru District Disaster Management Plan:

Disasters are events that come unannounced and the main duty of district administration then becomes the proper management of resources, be it material, physical or manpower. As per the Government directions, in the state, every district must have a District Disaster Management Plan. Accordingly, a detailed District Disaster Management Plan has been prepared for the District Chikkamagaluru.

The District Disaster Management Plan will include all function pertaining to disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, relief, recovery and rehabilitation

This Plan will apply to the disaster management administration for all possible hazards that the district is prone to

It shall not be applicable to nuclear, biological and chemical disaster.