zs AidAiİ sĨs qzg AS /No.of Beneficiaries under different schemes
Ё Sl.No Ԗ Taluk t P̼ zs v UwP v P̼ ĥ w vgw qz ifP qUU
dgw v zêzAig P gPu qzg AS PAzU ĻAig guU õ WlP
qz AS g qz AS No.of benefitted for protection of orphanage children (ASU) AS AidAir Aid
No.of benefitted for payment of Girl children attendence No.of assisted for widow and devadasi's marriages No.of Creches No.of Women assisted for Job Training qzg
No.of benefitted under special component plan for redressal of social atrocities
1 2 1654 1655 1656 1657 1658 1659 1660 1661
1 Ԗ֤ Chikmagalur                
2 Ю֤ Kadur                
3 ֻ Koppa                
4 ֯٤ Mudigere                
5 ..Ԥ N.R.pura                
6 ؁ӧ Shringeri                
7 Чӑ٤ Tarikere